Human Resource Officer (GMG/AM 4) – Vacant

Human Resource Officer (GMG/AM 4) – Vacant

Expiry Date: 
Monday, 28 September 2020 - 11:45pm
Job Purpose: 

Under the direction of the Director, Human Resource Management and Development, the Human Resource Officer provides support in human resource functions such as the administration and benefit services to employees.


  • Leave application processed 
  • Leave calculated 
  • Leave records updated 
  • Leave roster prepared 
  • Leave register updated 
  • Retirement schedule prepared 
  • Pension submissions generated 
  • Service records maintained 
  • Personnel records maintained 
  • HR documents updated 
  • Attendance and punctuality record generated  
  • Reports submitted 



  • Processes leave application for vacation, departmental, sick, maternity and no pay for employees by: 

           - Determining eligibility  

           - Calculating/generating leave entitlement and resumption date

           - Monitors leave utilization and accumulation  

           - Updating respective leave records 

           - Records all approved leave 

           - Prepares annual leave roster  

           - Maintains a leave register 

           - Informs the relevant personnel of approval of leave and resumption dates 

  • Prepares leave reports for submission to Director Human Resource Management
  • Prepares correspondence for the implementation and adjustment of salary related matters
  • Maintains pension/gratuity particulars for current and former employees by: 

           - Calculating the quantum of pre-retirement leave for employees

           - Preparing schedule of employees eligible for retirement and all relevant documents for pension submission

           - Maintaining schedule of deferred pension/gratuity  

  • Updates service records to reflect changes in salary, job title and classification and acting appointments 
  • Administers the medical, life and personal accident insurance benefits for employees 
  • Monitors the attendance records and prepares relevant correspondence  
  • Prepares/collates the absenteeism and late report for employees 
  • Administers the process for the issuing of staff identification cards 
  • Ensures the maintenance of the personnel records reflecting all changes related to employees 
  • Participates in the recruitment process by scheduling appointments, arranging and preparing the necessary documents as directed 
  • Assists in providing advice on staff welfare and benefits to stakeholders 
  • Monitors vehicle particulars for traveling officers 
  • Participates in the development and execution of staff welfare programmes and events 
  • Assists with the administration of the performance management records
  • Assists with the application process for loans, grants and exemption benefits 
  • Consults with the relevant training /educational institutions to identify training and development opportunities for staff 
  • Monitors the work experience and volunteer programme by: 

           - Assigning individuals to the relevant departments

           - Monitoring attendance

           - Ensuring the submission of relevant documents upon completion

  • Reviews all HR documentation to ensure up to date information consistent with current policies
  • Exhibits professionalism, tact, diplomacy and confidentiality to promote good working relationship among staff members
  • Keeps abreast of guidelines, policies, procedures and legislation impacting deliverables in areas of responsibility
  • Performs any other duties assigned from time to time


       Core Competencies:  

  • Oral Communication 
  • Written Communication 
  • Teamwork & Cooperation 
  • Customer & Quality Focus 

      Technical Competencies:  

  • Administrative Management 
  • Records Management 
  • Database Management 
  • Information Communication Technology 
  • Planning & Organizing 
  • Leadership 


  • Sound knowledge of general office practice and procedure 
  • Sound knowledge of government regulations specific to leave administration, and service records management 
  • Excellent knowledge of the relevant software application to include desktop publishing 
  • Excellent interpersonal, human relations and presentation skills 
  • Good vision for details, methodical and resourceful 
  • Be able to maintain confidentiality in the strictest sense


  • Diploma or Associate Degree in Management Studies, Business or Public
  • Administration or equivalent qualifications 
  • Three (3) years’ experience in a related field or
  • Five (5) CXC or GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics or a numeric subject; successful completion of prescribed Courses of study at the Management Institute of National Development (MIND) or any appropriate accredited studies, plus eight (8) years’ general office experience.
  • Experience in Events Planning or Gratuity/Pension calculations or management or management of leave i.e. sick, vacation, study leave is required.


  • May be required to work long and unscheduled work hours to meet critical deadlines, including on weekends and public holidays.

Salary range $1,410,802.00 to $1,677,000.00 per annum plus any allowance(s) attached to the post. The successful candidate will be offered a three (3) year contract with gratuity payable after satisfactory performance after two (2) years.

Applications should be submitted no later than Monday, September 28, 2020 to:

                         THE DIRECTOR HUMAN RESOURCE

                          MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT

                          CANNABIS LICENSING AUTHORITY


                          EMAIL: VACANCIES@CLA.ORG.JM