Supervisor, Site Inspection and Monitoring (GMG/SEG 3) – Vacant

Supervisor, Site Inspection and Monitoring (GMG/SEG 3) – Vacant

Expiry Date: 
Saturday, 4 January 2020 - 11:45pm
Job Purpose: 

Under the direct supervision of the Director, Enforcement and Monitoring, the Site Inspection and Monitoring, Supervisor will supervise, the management and maintenance of Electronic Surveillance, Track and Trace and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other types of technology used by the Authority to promote and bolster compliance within the Cannabis Industry.


  • Accurate site inspections and monitoring reports
  • Track and Trace Platform, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Remote Surveillance Systems etc. monitored
  • Appropriate management of Site Inspectors and Electronic Monitoring Officers
  • Appropriate management of resources
  • Regulations and policies of the Authority enforced
  • Partnerships initiated and maintained
  • Accurately updated client file
  • Direct reports managed
  • Routine and Ad hoc inspections and audits executed
  • Database of licensees and applicants created and maintained
  • Yearly operational plans with set performance targets and budgets
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reports prepared, and daily reports where necessary

Key Responsibilities

       Electronic Monitoring

  • Supervises the use of the Track and Trace, GPS, electronic surveillance technologies to enhance compliance within the industry
  •  Ensure preparation of timely reports using electronic technology to inform decisions
  •  Analyses completed activity reports to identify trends of non-compliance
  • Analyses licensee track and trace data to identify trends and anomalies to inform future operational tasks
  • Alerts Director, Enforcement and Monitoring and Enforcement Supervisor of any possible breaches of a licence, permit or authorization, where applicable

       Field Based

  • Undertakes site inspections during the pre-licensing and post-licensing processes
  • Reviews site inspection checklist and supporting documents, highlighting any issues detected
  • Periodically inspect sites through unannounced visits to ensure compliance among applicants, licensees, permit and authorization holders as well as the conduct of Site Inspectors
  • Supervises the inspection of production areas and plants or products to detect any exceptions
  • Troubleshoot issues in respect of site visits and licensee reporting
  • Reiterates the need for the timely collection and testing of samples for cultivation and processing sites
  • Approves the sale of bags, tags and other items required by licensees, after authorization by Director, Enforcement and Monitoring
  • Accurately record licensed premises inventory as needed
  • Issue citations to non-compliant entities and/or individuals
  • Assesses the level of compliance of applicants and licensees within the industry and reports findings
  • Inspects/audits site to determine if the ‘fit for purpose’ requirements are met
  • Ensures that industry standards are adopted and implemented – GAP, GMP, GDP, GSP to include and packaging and labeling etc.


  • Collects, prepares and preserves surveillance information for evidential purposes
  • Adheres to established, relevant policies and procedures of the Authority
  • Contributes to the Divisional planning and reporting
  • Preparation and submission of reports
  • Reviews and analyse reports from licensees
  • Conducts Performance Appraisals
  • Supervises the monitoring of the off-site feeds for licensed sites and/or motor vehicles to ensure adherence to terms and conditions of licenses issued
  • In conjunction with the Enforcement Officer, Supervisor, reviews and analyse reports on licensees and conditionally approved applicants from both Site Inspectors and Enforcement Officers
  • Detects and assesses excesses in use or production of ganja
  • Assesses reports on suspected breaches and taking into consideration other data including client file, surveillance and other reports, recommends to the Director, Enforcement and Monitoring whether an investigation is warranted
  • Submits a report to the Director, Enforcement and Monitoring on investigations on non-compliant license holders with recommended actions to be taken including, revocation, suspension, imposition of a fine etc.
  • Reviews discrepancies with licensee to determine corrective actions
  • Recommends new policies related to inspections, enforcement and processes related to revocations, suspensions and other penalties
  • Testify in legal court proceedings if called upon to do so
  • Any other related duties as assigned by the Director, Enforcement and Monitoring


  • Recommend the revocation, suspension or other penalties for licensees
  • Sign correspondence initiated from the Division
  • Initiate performance incentives and disciplinary actions
  • Sign performance management reports and plans
  • Recommend staff leave, training, appointments, transfers and promotion
  • Liaise with customers, government ministries, departments and agencies and private sector organizations
  • Recommend enforcement actions
  • Liaise with Information Technology and Business Services Division
  • Liaise with licensees


  •  Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills
  •  Highly developed analytical and investigative skills
  • Leadership, supervisory and teambuilding skills
  • Organization and report writing skills
  • Strong Information Technology skills
  • Working knowledge of security surveillance systems
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Ability to exercise sound judgement
  • Even tempered and able to communicate with people from varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds


  • First degree in Business Administration, Operation Management, Applied Science, Information Technology, Security Administration and Management, Public Administration or any other related field from a recognised tertiary institution;
  • 3 - 5 years’ work experience, with at least three (3) years at least at middle management level
  • Experience in the security/armed services would be an asset;
  • Knowledge of the local laws and standards regarding the use of medical and sacramental ganja;
  • Experience in regulatory compliance investigations, criminal investigations, business or mail fraud investigation, insurance claims or fraud investigation may be advantageous


  • This position involves extensive field work. Field work may require walking considerable distances on uneven surfaces with exposure to pesticides and fertilizers.
  • There may be exposure to volatile situations and security risks are highly possible. This position requires a flexi 40-hour work week working unsocial hours and may require the incumbent to work on weekends and public holidays.
  • This position requires that the post holder be on call 24 hours per day.

A valid driver’s licence and ownership of a motor vehicle is required for this post.

Salary range $2,453,125.00 to $2,915,995.00 per annum plus any allowance(s) attached to the post. 

Applications should be submitted no later than Monday, January 4, 2021 to:

                            THE DIRECTOR HUMAN RESOURCE

                           MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION

                              CANNABIS LICENSING AUTHORITY


                              EMAIL: VACANCIES@CLA.ORG.JM