Schedule of Fees

There are fees associated with each category type, as well as a non-refundable application processing fee and a security bond payable per licence applied for. 

The fees, which are all quoted in United States Dollars but are also payable in Jamaican Dollars at the prevailing rate of exchange based on the Bank of Jamaica’s weighted average.

Application Processing Fees


US$300 (Fee per application)

Company, Business or Cooperative

US$500 (Fee per application)

NOTE: Application processing fees are non-refundable and are payable after application is reviewed for completeness.

Licensing Processing Fees​

Cultivator's Licence​

Tier 1 - US$2,000
Tier 2 - US$2,500 per acre
Tier 3 - US$3,000 per acre

Processing Licence

Tier 1 - US$3,500
Tier 2 - US$10,000

Transport Licence

1st vehicle - US$10,000
Add 1 vehicle - US$1,000

Retail Licence

Herb House - US$2,500
Therapeutic - US$2,500

Research and Development Licence

Experimental - US$5,000
Analytical - US$5,000

NOTE: Licence fees are non-refundable and are payable when licence is approved.

Security Bonds

Cultivator's Licence

Tier 1 - US$1,000
Tier 2 - US$2,000 per acre
Tier 3 - US$2,000 per acre

Processing Licence


Research and Development Licence


NOTE: Security bonds are refundable and are payable when licence is approved.

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