Application Requirements and Process

Applying for a licence to handle ganja is simple. The Cannabis Licensing Authority has deliberately made it easy for persons to become involved in what promises to be an industry of great economic benefit to Jamaica.  See below the simple steps required to gather and submit an application for any licence being issued by the Authority. 

Licences will be issued in five different categories.

The Application Process

The application review process will be a multi-layered review comprising the following steps:

  • Application completeness check
  • Due diligence checks
  • Pre-inspection checks

The detailed process and expected timelines can be found here.

Applications Requirements

  1. Complete Application Forms.  Each of the following documents must be completed for new and renewal applications:

    Please also note that:

    1. If the applicant does not own the property/premises/motor vehicle being licensed, Form 3 “Consent of Owner Form” will also be required
    2. A separate set of application forms is required for each license being applied for.
    3. Use multiple copies of Form 2A and 2B if necessary

    NB. Hard copy forms are also available at the Cannabis Licensing Authority, 4th Floor, PanJam Building, 60 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

  2. Gather all Supporting Documents: In addition to the above, the following documents must also be submitted:
    • Tax Compliance Certificate
    • Land Title or documents granting authority to access  or use of the  property for growing ganja
    • Official Police Records – for Owner or all Directors, as well as for each employee
    • Survey diagram of property and/or premises showing all distinct areas (with dimensions and partitions), including – but not limited to – entrance/exits, receival/loading areas and storage areas.  Diagram does not have to be drawn to scale and should be on a single 8 ½ x 11 (letter-sized) paper.

    For Businesses/Companies/Cooperatives:

    • Constituent Documents (e.g. Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, etc.)
    • Certificate of Registration
    • Evidence of Application (in the case of an Application under the Cooperative or Friendly Societies Act, not yet approved)

    For Cultivator Applicants:

    • Letter of Agreement from prospective purchaser of raw material (if available)
      • Passport-sized photo (certified by a Justice of the Peace)
      • Copies of two (2) Government issued Identification

    Please also note that:

    1. Please also note any additional documents requested on any of the relevant Application Forms.
    2. Only originals of the Police Record(s) will be accepted
    3. All copied documents submitted must be certified by a Justice of the Peace.
  3. Submit your Application.  All completed application forms and all supporting documents must be placed in a single sealed envelope and delivered to:
    Licensing and Applications Division
    Cannabis Licensing Authority
    4th Floor PanJam Building, 60 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5
  4. Await Feedback from the Cannabis Licensing Authority.  The Authority will review your application for completeness and will notify you of any additional information that may be required.  All applicants are required to pay a Non-Refundable Processing Fee (per license being applied for).  The Application Processing Fee is US$300 for individuals and US$500 for all others. Do NOT pay this fee until you are advised by the Authority to provide proof of payment.

4th Floor, Pan Jam Building,
60 Knutsford Boulevard
Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.

[email protected]


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