Terms and Conditions of Licences

In order to maintain your licence, you must adhere to the general terms and conditions governing the licensing of ganja activities.  This is in addition to the specific terms and conditions of the licence that you hold. 

Where there is a breach in the terms and conditions the CLA may:

  • Suspend a licence
  • Revoke a licence
  • Prevent a licensee from re-applying for a specified period
  • Forfeit the licensee’s security
  • Other appropriate action

These terms and conditions are outlined below.

All Licences

  • Prominent display of the certificate of licence or certified copy at the premises where the licenced activity is taking place
  • All new employees must obtain prior approval of the Authority
  • Weekly reconciliation of all ganja sold, purchased and/or disposed of
  • Disposal of any waste product must obtain prior approval of the Authority and the packaged/disposed as directed by the Authority
  • Full accounting of all transactions undertaken
  • Full disclosure on all persons that handle ganja or its products
  • Log of all persons entering and leaving the premises
  • Any codes of practice adopted by the Authority

Cultivator’s Licence

  • A tri-partite purchase/sale agreement must be entered into among the cultivator, the purchaser and the Authority for each crop allowing for the Authority to purchase the crop for immediate sale to the purchaser
  • Cultivation cannot exceed the maximum quantity of ganja specified on the licence
  • Each ganja plant must be tagged with a unique identifier
  • Intermittent reports on ongoing activities taking place on the premises – weekly for Tier 1 and every two days for Tiers 2 and 3.  In the event of ‘exceptional events’, this report must be submitted with 24 hours.  Reports may also be requested by the Authority at their discretion.
  • Observation of directives given by the Pesticides Control Authority
  • Observation of directives given by Authority for the disposal of ganja cultivated in excess of amount permitted by the licence
  • In respect of harvesting:
    • The Authority must be advised 14 days in advance of harvesting
    • An agent of the Authority must be on-site for harvesting and bagging of all harvested and/or undried/uncured ganja
    • The harvested ganja to be sold undried/uncured must be bagged and handed over to the Authority upon harvesting, or with approval of the Authority, within 21 days of harvesting
    • Any drying and curing of the ganja after harvesting must not exceed 21 days
    • If an agreement falls through with a buyer, the cultivator may hold the ganja for up to six weeks before handing over to the Authority.  This must be in conformity to instructions provided by the Authority

Processor’s Licence

  • Production must be in conformity to the relevant standards and intellectual property laws, including, but not limited to:
    • the Food and Drugs Act
    • the Standards Act
    • the Patents Act

Transportation Licence

  • Prior to transportation of the ganja, the route(s) to be taken must be logged.  Any diversion must be immediately reported.  A log will be kept by the Authority in respect of both the route and any necessary diversions.
  • Access to real-time tracking of the vehicle must be given to the Authority
  • Ganja will be stored on a secure compartment that is sealed and checked upon delivery
  • The Authority reserves the right to assign an agent to accompany the vehicle
  • Transportation must only take place during the hours of 5 am and 6 pm
  • A log of all persons that have access to the vehicle must be kept

Retail Licence

  • A log must be kept of all transactions bought, delivered and sold by the licensee
  • Ensure that the premises is secure and fit for the activities:
    • Secure areas for receiving and storing ganja and ganja products
    • Strict systems limited the access to areas where ganja is stored and a log of all persons that enter this area
    • Camera systems in place to monitor activities
    • In the case of a herb house, adequate ventilation

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