Post Licence - General Transportation Requirements

All transportation vehicles must meet the general requirementsSpecific requirements shall be met when it has been determined by a licensee or by regulatory standards that certain conditions are required for conveying certain ganja plants, ganja products, or other ganja commodities.


Motor Vehicle and Transportation Policy


Vehicle and Locking Requirements:

  1. The vehicle to be used for transporting ganja must be the subject of a transport licence issued by the Authority.
  2. The vehicle to be used for transporting ganja must be fitted with a cargo compartment capable of being locked securely and sealed prior to transportation.
  3. The compartment within which ganja is to be stored must be separate from the cabin or the compartment that houses the driver and passenger.
  4. At the point of dispatch, ganja must be placed in the cargo compartment of the vehicle and the cargo compartment must be sealed.  Upon arrival at the delivery location the seal shall be checked to verify that it has not been tampered with during the journey.
  5. In addition to sealing the cargo compartment, external cargo door(s) must be sealed and vehicle door(s) must be locked using the vehicle’s internal locking mechanism(s).
  6. The cargo compartment must be completely enclosed and must be made of material incapable of being penetrated or compromised by a casual or semi-determined intruder.
  7. Cargo compartments must be without windows, except where ventilation is required.  In such instances, the cargo compartment must be fitted with adequate vents for proper ventilation.
  8. Vehicles must have a fully enclosed driver and passenger compartment with doors than can be locked from within and not be capable of being unlocked externally by an unauthorized person during the journey.
  9. There must be separate driver and passenger compartment with windows or glazed panels that can remain completely locked or sealed during the journey.
  10. The cargo compartment must be fully enclosed and without ventilation.
  11. The enclosed cargo compartment shall bear single or double doors that can be unlocked only upon activation by the driver, or unlocked externally only by an authorized person using a specific set of keys or other authorized unlocking mechanism. Authorized unlocking mechanisms include motor vehicle key, motor vehicle remote control device, motor vehicle combination lock code, padlock key.
  12. The motor vehicle to be used for transport must contain regular air conditioning for the driver’s cabin as well as for the cargo compartment, in the event live plants or other ganja perishables are to be transported, the goods will be protected for the duration of journey.


Protocols for the transportation of ganja between licensees:

  1. At no time, or in any circumstance shall ganja or ganja products be transported in the rear of any open back vehicle.
  2. A vehicle may be utilized to transport more than one ganja crop or ganja product. Where a vehicle is to be used to convey multiple licensed loads of ganja or ganja products, there must be a separate cargo compartment within the main cargo compartment for each licensed product, and each such compartment must have its own door capable of being locked and sealed separately from other compartments prior to the commencement of the journey.
  3. Each compartment within the main cargo compartment must be attached to the vehicle in such a way that prevents it being easily dislodged from the main cargo compartment.
  4. If a vehicle is fitted with multiple compartments for the conveyance of ganja, a compartment not being utilized during a journey must be sealed, or locked with high security locks for which the keys must be held by an authorized person at the location at which the journey began, or become empty after a delivery. High security locks may be removed by the respective authorized person at the respective location after all deliveries have been completed. Seals on empty compartments are to be broken and retained by the Cannabis Licensing Authority escort after deliveries have been completed from all compartments.
  5. Entry doors to cargo compartments must be locked and sealed if there is only one compartment.  Where there are several compartments, entry doors must be securely locked, sealed by high security seals or locked by high security locks prior to the commencement of a journey.  Where entry doors are locked only, they must not be capable by being unlocked other than by an authorized person having control of the vehicle, or accompanying the driver, or escorting the vehicle, or traveling in a separate vehicle. 
  6. Seal verification and breaking, or lock integrity verification and unlocking of the high security locks must be done at the delivery location.
  7. The transportation must be able to accommodate the driver and CLA authorized escort with or without there being a licensee’s transportation assistance person such as a loader/unloader and/or private security escort on board.


Vehicle Types and requirements for transport licences:

  1. Recommended vehicles are armored carriers, containers on a trailer being hauled by a truck, panel vans or buses, station wagons configured as panel vans, closed body delivery trucks, enclosed three-wheeled vehicles, and motor vehicles, inclusive of motor cars that are fitted or retrofitted to meet the fit for purpose criteria.
  2. Vehicles may be retrofitted as a motor vehicle to be licensed for the transport of ganja temporarily or permanently to meet some specific requirement(s) such as ventilation or climate control.
  3. Where vehicle specifications arise as a requirement of a licensee, medicinal or health entity or other regulatory standards, or best practices for a strain of ganja or ganja product, then, in addition to the CLA transportation requirements, the vehicle must conform to such climate control or other requirement.
  4. The use of small, medium, or large three-wheeled motor vehicles with appropriately enclosed partitioned driver and cargo sections for conveying samples or small quantities of ganja, ganja products, or another ganja commodity is permitted.

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